Starbuck's Free Sampler ep

by Johnic & Skooop

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released April 9, 2013



all rights reserved


Johnic & Skooop Michigan

Johnic- Vocals
Skooop- Production

Party Grrrl video:


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Track Name: Sweet Candy
My car ain't as tight as it should
The only thing that's bustin off is the hood
The oil in the engines too cold to stir
The only thing that's tight is the leather intererior

Need to get my car fixed, need to get a fix
Where the fuck's my bowl when I need a hit
Cereal, rapping songs about Lucky Charms
Mainline the mellow shit in my fucking arm

Crush it up, snort the shit, free base it
Put it in the spoon and light that shit
Doing hits of Fruity Loops in my Taurus
Swerving round corners cuz I'm a big mess

I get high with a big hit from my soda pop
The only coke I do is with the cherry filled top
Pop rocks hittin' my throat like a landmine
Slippin choco-shots in my car on the part time

Rap game John Candy
Like Billy & Mandy
I'm a billionaire
I'm a millionaire

I'm going hard on the twitter game babble
P-P-Playing around like I'm the top hat
Twitter monopoly better than Scrabble
Peeping that shit further than the Hubble

Telescope, peekin at the competition cards
You're playing poker on your own accords
While I'm playing pokerface with your girlfriend
Gettin' all the nudes that she prefers

Cause I'm not tripping on the same lame shit
Taking the high road ain't as easy as takin shots
Taking hits, being hot, gotta take my shirt off
Tip toein twinkie dudes who get caught jerkin off

I was made to run this game like Pistorius
Blade running around on this twitter tip
Writing rap songs like I gotta take a dip
Swimming pool swagger on my fucking dick
Track Name: Party Grrrl
You're a real party girl
with some R&R in your hand
Marlboros between your breasts
My leather jacket smells a bit like you

My heart beats to the pit pat sound of your feet
The shitty party is fogging up my glasses again
My own self concious is beating out my chest and then
I think its better than sitting inside jacking off

Your black hair is like black hair, pulled up, not enough
Want to see it running through my finger tips
Trying not to be that guy trying get you to fuck me
I'm not that kinda guy you see

I'm not some kinda sleezy bro, drunk, pissed pants, sweaty
Hitting on-you at 3AM at the party that we can't leave
Cause our friends are there trying to get laid too
I just want to get in bed with you

Don't get it twisted, that's not what I'm about
Not trying to get my dick sucked, dick fucked, make out
Want to fall asleep with Netflix on the TV
Wrap my arms around you, peanut butter and jelly

The way I see this party is that I'm the weird fuck
Sitting in the corner texting through my phone book
No beer in my hand, still trying to talk to you
James Murphy, LCD, making eyes across the room

I'm trying to improve myself, going vegetarian
But the meat that I'm serving isn't letting me care again
I bought this fucking case of protein, collecting dust
Trying to hit the gym right now isn't important

There's no way that I'm chugging this whey
Making shakes, getting buff, not hitting the gym enough
Not hitting the weights, my muscles arent up to snuff
Less of a beef cake, more of string bean fuck

Busy being a self depricating dude
Depressions got a holda me like Henry Rollins did
Will we take the U and I put em together kid
No matter what, I'll keep trying to start today I said
Track Name: cus im the man
Frankly mister shankly you seemed to've misheard
I've got my twenty first years down, my voice is inferred
Through my art and my music, it's all the same now kid
But still I must speak frankly, what my voice will allow kid

I should have followed my dreams and moved out to LA
I should've packed up all my bags and ran away
Taken the train with the red Amtrak painted on the sides
Cold Playing while I turn on the light that guides

Keep telling me I'm not the rap game prodigy
Constantly I'm just the white kid from B.F.E.
Not satisfied with where he thinks that he will be
In five years with a white colar company

Twenty two year old kid still don't know what to do
Plans changing faster than Lee kicks with the Bruce
Just going to drop outta this place and pay off the loans
Spend the rest of my life waiting on dial tone

Another day I'm on that grind In that class I'm doing time
Watch me crank a video Watch me crank and watch me ohh
Watch me crank that soldier boy than superman a woman
Got more fans than Macklemore and MGK and all of them

I shoot these fucking skits then put them on the tube
Cause it let's me do some things I thought I'd never do
Like rap about my weekend and eat a fucking tac-o
Maybe in a few years I'll get to have my own show

I'm jealous of the nerds and the comedians who trump me
Get to do what the fuck they want thinkin' out perform me
I'm a whole lot funnier than dorks in New York and
Get a lot more laughs at my videos cause I am the man

I'm the shit, I cannot quit, on that track, I stay fit
Lyrical sprinter, video Splinter
Cell, I'm Sam Fisher, take you out with no one knowing
More important than these nerds without even showing

Another day I'm on that grind In that class I'm doing time
Watch me crank a video Watch me crank and watch me ohh
Watch me crank that soldier boy than superman a woman
Got more fans than Macklemore and MGK and all of them

Another day I'm on that grind, getting kisses all the time
Watch me crank my dick right now Watch me crank my eyebrow
Watch me do the peoples elbow to my dick and without looking
Turn around and kill the track, a dozen Ledgers think I'm joking
Track Name: D.I.N.E.R.S.
Diner days are the only thing on my mind
Hometown Denny's swagger on that grind

With Rams Horn on deck with greasy chicken strips
My one dumb friend who won't give that tip

But I give that tip to the bill and the William
Cashing out ain't the time I'm dealin with 'em
I'm dealing cards like a poker star, I'm Merson
Taking out take out while I'm eating out, Jameson

Who drove the crew to the the fucking coffee shop
We see the jerk from high school in the tank top
Thick frames, mustache, who's the hipster now dude?
Trendy ass fuck thinks his styles got attitude

Don't take your time with your response kid
The meter outside with the Accura needs get fed
But you're saving your nickles, dimes and your pennies
To tip the strippers who you aren't even getting any

My friends,
I hope to see you at the diner on main street
Getting dinner with all of you
At our seats in the corner of the room
Getting served by Kristen
Making fun of the rich kids on the other side of the room
On the other side soon

Playing the game with the Fortress and the Team
Filling up my parents DVR with Adventure Time
Killing time before my friends pick me up tonight
Where we hang at Looney until we see the sunrise

When we're not driving around heading to Meijer
And reading magazines with tattoos on the cover
Wally's got the logo with Jurrasic Park and
Matt's got high-fiving Pee-Wee Herman

Still the same since high school but instead
we get shreded
We've got a couple twenties,
but we're more level headed
Just because our drivers licence says that we're different
It says that we're 22, but we're acting like
Seventeen Again

There's no one I'd rather waste my days with than these guys
Eatin' some pizza, donuts, and the chili cheese fries
Wally, Collin, Brian, Matt, sorry if I forget someone
Let's hit up Zack's and talk shit about the kids from Canton
Track Name: Laydeez Man
Rap game Elian, Cuban raft alien
Killin' all the beats that I'm appearin in
Drinkin all the soda, I ain't sharin' 'em
I got a Red Box and I watch with your girl friend

It's apparent that my glasses are thick
Quit telling me that my hair is slick
I know my denim's flared and I don't give a shit
My boots are bigger than the competitions dick's

They trippin on they back of they pants again
Hit me up if you're looking for a real man
Hit me up if you can handle me
Hit me up if you wanna watch some DVD's

Hit me up on OkCupid, yes I'm trolling every day
Girlies get mad when I tell 'em I don't get paid
All the ladies, I'm single and a mingle
Feeling in the spine, that's a tingle, feel it

Ladies man, trick, Tim Meadow
Ladies man, trick, Tim Meadow
Ladies man, trick, Tim Meadow
Writing rap songs, David Thoreau

Now I'm not the ladies man that I seem to scribe
I'm a lyrical stooge that can't seem to transcribe
His thoughts, his feelings, without any passion
So I just talk shit behind this big grin

Writing songs like I'm Drake, my wheels on the ground
I'm real and I'm sound, I'm sticking around
Rap game real shit take me down a peg again
And watch me rise like my name is Patrick Flynn

Take the time to get to know me and I'll hit you up
I'll send you my digits and a link to my facebook
We'll be in the trap with a couch and some Netflix
Butter popcorn, acting corny clowning with these chicks

White chicks, black chicks, any kinda chicks
I'll be writing big checks keeping myself in check
Kiss my neck and I'll be kissing your cheek
Go down a little bit, get a little R rated you'll see